CIS 105 Assignment 3 – Presenting with PowerPoint

CIS 105 WK 10 Assignment 3 – Presenting with PowerPoint

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Microsoft PowerPoint presentations are used in classrooms and companies all over the world each and every day. They are used to share information, gain support, move projects forward, and sell. Knowing how to put together a presentation that is engaging, focused, and clear is a challenge that many of us face.

In this assignment, you will use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a multimedia presentation showcasing what you have learned in this course about information systems, digital literacy, and Microsoft Office tools.

Assignment Requirement:

To successfully complete this assignment, submit a Microsoft PowerPoint template that includes the required information and edits.


  1. Review the Assignment 3 Sample to see a completed version of this assignment for reference. Note: You may not copy any information from this sample into your own assignment. Select the “Read-Only” option when the password window appears as you open this sample.
  2. Download the Assignment 3 Template (with directions inside). You will complete and submit your assignment on this template.
  3. Follow the directions that are listed in the template.
  4. Submit your assignment through the submission button.